Principal Controller of Communication Accounts, Department of Telecommunications, Delhi Region
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         Administration and Authorization of Retirement Entitlements


o    Checking and Sanction of Terminal Benefits & Pensions to retiring employees  of MTNL & BSNL

o    Revisions of pensions wherever required

o    Interfacing with the banks/post offices on pension issues

o    Collection of Leave salary and Pension Contribution from BSNL and Group A Officers on deemed deputation with MTNL.


         Management of Revenue


o    Assessment of AGRs submitted by the licensees/ISPs

o    Collection and accounting of licence fee and Spectrum Charges

o    Management of Financial Bank Guarantees furnished by licensees/ISPs

o    Billing and collection of VSAT Commercial and CUG

o    Submission of periodical reports to DOT HQ

o    License fee - Revenue analysis


         Financial Accounts


o    Pay & Accounting functions

o    Payment of Retirement benefits to retiring officers

o    Budgeting & Expenditure Control

o    Computerization of accounts using PAO Compact 2000 package


         General Provident Fund


o    Maintenance of Broad-sheets of GPF, Loans & Advances for officers & staff absorbed in MTNL and BSNL

o    GPF settlements of the above officers




o    General Administration of the Office

o    Establishment related functions

o    Training & development

o    RTI related Cases

o    Internal Audit of TEC, VTM and WMO

o  Computerisation & other IT related functions

o  Tendring and procurement of services, items




o    Representing DOT HQ in court/ CAT cases





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