Principal Controller of Communication Accounts, Department of Telecommunications, Delhi Region
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Welcome to Controller of Communication Accounts Delhi


v  The Telecom Sector has become one of the most happening arenas after the launch of much awaited Number Portability in Haryana Circle and it is going to begin in other circles very shortly. It would have to be seen that because of many factors- quality of service; type, nature of services and add-ons; suitability of tariff options or the loyalty factor of customer will prevail in gaining/ keeping the customers. Let us see who will gain the most and who is going to suffer. Seems like Customer is going to get the upper hand and Service providers will have to pull up their socks the their revenue.

v  Eyes of world Telecom community are also focusing on the upcoming events like Telecom India exhibition etc. lined up. Where various equipment manufacturers will focus on the 3G market, since most of the service providers are in the process of launching 3G services in India. Therefore, equipment suppliers, handset manufacturers etc. would display their capabilities and provide various options to potential customers. It’s going to be the time of Video calls, internet/ broadband expansion through Hand held sets, new services and possible revenue streams through customers who always look for something new or different.

v  Similarly, the office of Pr.CCA Delhi is expanding with the ongoing absorption process of Group C staff, calling of officers on deputations, expanding the office area to almost doubled, and with improved looks. Computerisation is also attaining speed in order to regain lost period in the past to catch up with the latest and enabling atmosphere for the staff through various means, including modular furniture.

v  On revenue front this office has achieved the distinction of crossing the figure of ` 2000 crores on account of revenue collection during 2010-11. The amount collected during the FY 2010-11 was ` 2304.96 crores, which is almost double the collection revenue collection for previous FY 2009-10 i.e ` 1160.52.

v  The website provide useful information to Service Providers, employees in BSNL, MTNL etc. and pensioners through dedicated links on the recently website. We hope this will improve transparency and facilitate the units/ employees in monitoring of their cases for speedy follow up and taking corrective actions.

The office of the Principal Controller of Communication Accounts, Delhi has come up a long way since its inception as DOT Cell, in October 2000. Perhaps it is one of the biggest office in terms of Revenue collected ` 2304.96 crores in FY 2010-11 in terms of License Fee & Spectrum charges from Telecom Service Providers (total 240 Licensees in various categories), disbursement of ` 143 Crores on account of Pension & other retirement benefits, Pensioners/ retiring employees from Govt., 4 units of BSNL and Officers on deemed deputation to MTNL Delhi, and the Pension Disbursement Agencies (25 PSBs and Department of Posts)  with whom we interact on various counts.


Delhi Region has a distinction of highest tele-density of 172.49 (as on 31.03.2010) in India and has total 3,10,10,425 telephone connections in a single city. Delhi was first city where 3G Mobile services were launched and is the center of Policy formulation and Regulations for Telecommunication Sector as both, Department of Telecommunications (DOT) / Ministry of Communications & Information Technology and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), are located here. The office of the Pr CCA, Delhi deals with 11 Service Providers for Basic & Cellular Telecom Services, 23 National Long Distance, 17 International Long Distance, 95 ISP-IT Service, 32 PMRT/ CMRT, 9 VSAT Licenses. Apart from this, this office is responsible for Pension disbursement and accounting of 19,231 pensioners with the support from Department of Posts and 25 Public Sector Banks; GPF, CGEGIS, and other dues of 6,425 officers in units of BSNL and MTNL in Delhi. The office is also paying other terminal benefits to approximately 250 retirees per annum, apart from attending the work of Pay revision CDA/IDA sclales.



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